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Welcome to my website!

My website is under construction – like my life, like all of our lives. I have recently become a published author – something I had avoided becoming for many years without even realizing it. It was so much easier to just write and share – but then you don’t take near as much care or put near as much prayer into what you are sharing.

In any case, I hope you’ll take some time to look around the website and come back periodically because it will always be under construction. As long as my fingers can fly across the keys or hold a pen . . .

My passion is sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ in whatever way possible. The Lord has laid a ministry on my heart which I have shared with people over the years. I’m convinced that ministries are often given to people as a way to heal us and to help us heal other people. Becoming a published author is one of the ways I can reach out to help, encourage, and inspire other people, and by the continued grace of God working through people The Resting Place, a Christian Center of Reconciliation will become a reality.

May you find rest in your heart, soul, and mind as you meander through my website.



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